2016 Apiary training sessions

During 2016 we will be running a series of Apiary training sessions at our training apiary in Letchworth. The sessions are open those who are interested at taking up the exciting hobby of beekeeping but are not sure if the commitment of looking after honey bees is too much. The sessions are also open to those who have been keeping honeybees for a short while and would like to gain additional hands on experience with different colonies from their own.

The training sessions are dependent on the weather as we will only open up the hives when it is dry and warm (typically above 15degs) not blowing a gale, you can be notified on the day if the session is to be cancelled due to bad weather. We will send out emails as early as we can if the session is cancelled.

There will be a short risk assessment where you will be required to give us your emergency contact details before entering the apiary.

The first 3 session are free of charge and subsequent sessions are £5 to cover cleaning and wear & tear of our beesuits. Please bring a full length pair of Wellington boots and a pair of marigold gloves, this will protect you from stings to the hands and ankles.

Here are the dates for your diaries:-

  1. 3rd week of April 11am to 13:00.
    We will be talking about Swarming, why bees swarm and how to try and prevent this.
  2. 1st week of May 11am to 13:00.
    Smokers, Hive Tools and other equipment you’ll need
  3. 3rd week of May 11am to 13:00.
    Hygiene and the Healthy Bee Plan
  4. 1st week of June 11am to 13:00.
    Honey, Wax and propolis. Hopefully we will have a honey crop to remove.
  5. 3rd week of 11am to 13:00.
    Hives, their parts and how they fit together for a cosy bee home – your chance to make some frames
  6. 1st week of July 11am to 13:00.
    Life cycle of a drone, queen  and worker bees
  7. 3rd week ofJuly 11am to 13:00.
    Pests and diseases
  8. 1st week of August 11am to 13:00.
    Varroa treatments and preparing your bees to over winter

Details for the location of our apiary will be supplied via confirmation email.