2018 Training Courses

For those just Interested, or those who would like to take up Beekeeping
There are 7 Beekeeping Divisions across Hertfordshire, and a number of presentations and courses across the County. You are welcome to apply to attend any of these presentations and courses regardless where you live, and each of them will include help in guiding you to your local Division if you’re then interested in continuing into Beekeeping.

  1. Bee Awareness Sessions
    The Bee Awareness sessions are held in the autumn and provide an overview about bees and the work of the beekeeper.
    The informal session are aimed at those just interested, and those thinking about taking up beekeeping and would firstly like to know a little more.
    There’s a £5 charge for this session.
    Dates in October 2018 TBC
  2. Beekeepers Beginners course
    A 5 afternoon course and an Apiary visit for those who would wish to take up the craft of beekeeping.
    Cost £95 per person, includes NHBKA membership.
    Click Here for Details

First Year’s Beekeeping Training
Once started into Beekeeping then the following courses are available to help you develop your beekeeping understanding and skills in your first years of beekeeping. The courses are organised by some Divisions sharing their running, and are open to all members of Hertfordshire Beekeepers Divisions.

  1. New Season Preparation course
    A 3 evening course for those with a year’s practical beekeeping experience.
    Cost £15 per person
    Dates in March 2018 TBC
  2. Swarm Collecting course
    For those wishing to become involved in going out to collect swarms, and to help those collecting their own swarms when preventative measures have failed!
    Cost £5 per person
    Dates in March 2018 TBC
  3. Basic Assessment Preparation course
    A very useful 2 evening course for those with three years’ experience who wish to take their BBKA Basic certificate in beekeeping.
    Cost £10 per person
    Dates in March 2018 TBC

Registration and payment in advance please to allow us to organise and make payment for a suitable hall size and refreshments. Please contact our Training Officer to book your place and pay by clicking here