What does a swarm look like?

The first thing we will ask you to do if you think you have a swam is to view the following images and if you have a swarm they will look similar to the following images. Next we will ask you to text/email us an image of the suspected swarm to confirm the type of bees, the location and size of the swarm.




tree-bee-3We get a large number of call outs for bumblebees in bird nest boxes, under shed, in the eaves of the roof and in airbricks. Honey bees will not make their home in a bird nest box as they are just too small. The most commonest bumblebee to use a bird nesting box is the Tree Bumblebee. This can be identified easily by using the BBCT website.

This is not a swarm but Tree Bumblebees drones waiting for a queen bumblebee to emerge from the nest box.