Day Trip to Kew Garden Hive Exhibition.

The Hive from below, looking up through the aluminium pieces
Photo: Mark Hadden

We are organising a day trip to Kew Gardens on Saturday 2nd July. The trip is being run in conjunction with Welwyn Beekeepers association and is open to members and partners of North Herts Beekeepers Association.

The cost of the trip is likely to be £26. This includes the travel to and from Kew Gardens and entry to the venue and exhibition.

The Hive was designed by Wolfgang Buttress and was inspired by scientific research into the health of bees. 

The installation is made from thousands of pieces of aluminium and provides a unique experience which changes constantly as orchestral sounds and LED lights respond to activity within a real beehive. 

To register for this day trip, please clicking here

The Hive in Milan in 2015 with wildflowers
Photo: Mark Hadden