Bee Awareness Session

Due to popular demand we are running another Bee Awareness Session on the 15th January. If you want to join us then please register here

Preparing for Winter

Feeding of sugar solution and ambrosia should now be finished as the daytime temperature is too low now. With the first frost just around the corner and the end of threat of wasps, now is the time to remove your entrance blocks and pop on the mouse guards. It’s also the time when green woodpeckers will start to take an interest in your hives so now is a good time to either place chicken wire or armour plating around your hives.

Chris Mercer and Gary Hammond have stocks of fondant if you are still in need of feeding your bees this winter. Their details are on the contact us page.

What we do

Beekeeping for most of usNHBKA Logo, is our hobby. We meet indoors during the winter months where we have talks and discussions. During the summer months we tend our bees, and meet at local apiaries to discuss what we have seen during bee inspections, and any local and national news that might affect our beekeeping. These summer meetings usually culminate in the drinking of tea & coffee and the consumption of cakes and sandwiches.

North Herts BKA covers North Herts from the borders of Luton across to Buntingford and from Knebworth North to the borders of Cambridgeshire and Bedfordshire. We are a division of Hertfordshire Beekeepers Association and in turn are a part of the British Beekeepers Association.

Why join a Beekeeping society? At North Herts Beekeepers, you will have access to hundreds of years of beekeeping knowledge and experience. The society also has a number of sites where you can keep a hive or hives, as most of us do not have gardens of sufficient size, or neighbours accommodating enough to allow us to keep bees at home.

Members also enjoy insurance cover for their bees against disease, through affiliation to the BBKA, as well as help and assistance in all beekeeping pursuits. We also run a scheme of mentoring for new beekeepers, where an experienced beekeeper will be available for the newcomer to contact and discuss any issues or worries that they might have concerning their bees.

If you think you might have an interest and would like to find out more, contact the secretary for more information, and perhaps you can come along to a meeting and experience the bees first hand. We have a number of protective beesuits available for you to borrow so there is no excuse to experience the thrill of being in the company of a colony of honey bees.

We are also present at shows, large and small, around the county, so please check out the calendar page and perhaps we will see you some time soon.